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SIP Trunking, is a Session Border Controller (SBC) needed?

SIP NAT with a Session border Controller

Before I can answer that, I should probably explain what a Session Border Controller (SBC) is and what it brings to the party when deploying SIP Trunking. An SBC can be either a physical or virtual device which sits between your network and the Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP).  It is basically the point of demarcation between your phone system …

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SIP Trunking checklist

I’m at Enterprise Connect 2015 this week in Orlando. My first session was called “Become a SIP savvy Enterprise”  by Graham Francis. He talked about what is SIP, why you would use it and the journey your company will need to take to implement it. What I got from this session is a SIP Trunking checklist of …

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Sip Trunking 101 – The What and How of SIP Trunking

This blog post is an introduction to SIP Trunking and it will hopefully cover most of the questions that a person/company has when starting their SIP Trunking journey. We have started seeing an increase in SIP Trunking interest and implementations. I think this interest has increased recently as SIP Trunking now has the reputation of …

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HP MSM720: Change APs from DHCP to Static IP addresses

Recently I had a customer ask me how to change their HP wireless APs which are managed by a HP MSM720 wireless controller, from DHCP addresses to Static AP addresses. This operation is configured from the controller and not the AP itself. It will require a restart of the APs. I have not needed to do …

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Remote phones without expensive, complex or closed VPN solutions

Do you have a remote user or office? Need to give them a phone on your IP PBX? Lots of phone solutions offer a VPN type solution but normally costs a lot of money and also can only be used for the phones not the computer. Recently I was faced this this problem and needed …

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3Com 5500 switches modifying the built in Quality of Service (QoS)

I have just installed a new ShoreTel System into a customer which use the 3Com (HP) 5500 switches through out their company. They are very good switches with quite advanced Class of Service (CoS) and Quality of Service (QoS) features. These instructions we provide you with the commands needed to add your manufacture phone to …

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