HP (3Com) VCX Customer Roadmap: 1. HP’s Latest Position

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Guest blog by John Taylor

This is the first in a series of posts setting out a roadmap for HP (3Com) VCX IP Telephony customers as the system approaches End of Life. This first post covers the official HP position. Future posts will address

  • Action now – HP Support and software upgrades for VCX
  • Exploiting Full HP VCX Function
  • Extending & Enhancing the HP VCX System
  • Migration Options and Trade-Ins from HP VCX


End of Sale

Since HP acquired the 3Com business it decided that the popular VCX product was not strategic. In fact, it is widely thought that it conflicted with HP’s own service business which teams with other vendors to implement their products.

  • In October 2010 HP first removed all previous IBM Power and Intel platforms from sale, replacing them with HP servers, presumably because it did not wish to sell a competitor’s hardware.
  • In May 2011 when HP announced VCX Release 9.8 it stated that there would be no further development but that it would remain on sale ‘for the foreseeable future’.
  • In September 2011 it withdrew the 310x phones from sale in favour of the newer 350x models.
  • In December 2012 it withdrew the hardware from sale, except for phones.
  • It also identified target replacement solutions as being ShoreTel UC for SMB and MS Lync for Enterprise.
  • In December 2013 it withdrew the phones from sale.
  • In October 2014 it withdrew software bundles from sale, leaving the individual phone and server licences..
  • Now in March 2014 it has finally announced that all software sales will cease from 31st May 2015.

End of Support

HP Support includes both Technical Support and Release Upgrade Entitlement.

The standard HP policy is to support two major releases back so that would include 9.8.15, 9.5.13 and 9.0.17. If an issue is discovered that is fixed in a more recent release then the customer may be asked to upgrade to a more recent version. Note that pre-VCX9 systems need to pay a fee to upgrade their licences to VCX9 in order to be supported.

End of Sale does not imply End of Support. HP’s standard policy is to offer Support from 5 years from End of Sale. This policy has applied quite well to VCX so far. For instance, the IBM hardware servers withdrawn in October 2010 come to the end of support in October 2015. Other specific devices have ended earlier but usually only when original manufacturers withdrew their support. However, with this latest announcement HP says “VCX Licences will not follow the traditional post HPN End of Sale support process, they will be supported until your existing VCX service contract expires.” So, check your contract expiry date now and look out for the next VCX Roadmap post in a day or so.

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