HP MSM720: Change APs from DHCP to Static IP addresses

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Recently I had a customer ask me how to change their HP wireless APs which are managed by a HP MSM720 wireless controller, from DHCP addresses to Static AP addresses. This operation is configured from the controller and not the AP itself. It will require a restart of the APs. I have not needed to do this before, but didn’t think it would be that hard! I did an issues along the way, I configured the APs but after a restart the APs did not pick up the new configuration, after some playing, I realised this was due to a unlabelled tick box needed checking.

The instructions:

  • Log on to the HP MSM720 wifi controller and select the following options on the left hand side menu, (number 4 should be the access point you wish to change)


  • Then select provisioning and then connectivity



  • un-tick the inherited tick box and tick the tick box next to the AP names (this was the problem tick box as mentioned at the start of this post).



  • scroll down and select the Static radio button and enter the Aps static ip address.



  • Click save



  • Sync and restart the AP.


That is all the steps, If you have any questions please use the comments field below.

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