Replacing a broken 3Com (AudioCodes) gateway

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Recently we have had a customer which had a failed PSTN gateway, lucky enough they had a current backup of the gateway. (which was in fact taken 2 years ago at installation, but has not changed since). Below is the ‘how to’ for setting up the replacement gateway 

First step is to remove any cards from the old gateway (for example PSTN, or FXS/FXO) and put them in the same slots in the replacement gateway.

Next, set up your computer, change it’s ip address to / and connect directly with a straight through Ethernet cable to port 1 on the gateway and browse to Log in with Admin/Admin

  • Expand the Network setting and select IP settings


  • On the right hand side of the windows change the ip address setting to match the old gateway.


  • Click Submit.
  • Change the IP address on your computer to be in the same subnet as the new gateway’s ip address  (+1 or -1 to the last number of the gateway’s ip address)
  • Browse to the gateway’s new ip and log in
  • Click Burn from the top menu bar


  • If you make a mistake the the gateway does not reconnect after the ip address changes then power cycle the gateway and it will go back to the old settings. the changes are not final until the burn button has been pressed.
  • plug old gateway network cable in to the replacement gateway.
  • Connect your computer to the network using DHCP and browse to the gateway.

 Note: If the new gateway is a different firmware release it will have to be downgraded/upgraded to the same version as the old Gateway before you can continue.

  •  Log on to the gateway
  • At the top of the screen there will be drop down menu with the title Device Actions:


  •   Click on this and select Load configuration File


  • Click the browse button and select the ini file to load.


  • Now press the Load ini File button


  •  you will be present with the following messages, Cick OK


  •  After pressing ok the Switch will reboot it’s self and during this you will see:


  •  If the Password box does not appear after about 120 seconds refresh the page and you should be prompted to log back in.


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