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Shoretel 14.2 was released yesterday. I have managed to get it installed yesterday evening to take advantage of the new features (which I was unable to, I’ll explain later).  I was also able to attend the 14.2 webinar explaining the new features.

14.2 is not just a bug release from 14.1. It has some major new features, all based around virtualization. You can now have Virtual SA Servers and Virtual Switches. (Also Virtual Ingate, this is not new stuff, just it is now support by Shoretel). They have also made the installation of the VM Virtual servers free and you pay for what you use on it.

What does this all mean? Basically,  free N+1 Switch and free IM fro all (if you have and  ESXI installation and capacity).  So now you can deploy an SA server and use the IM features with out paying for any conferencing licenses making it free.  And if you deploy a virtual SG switch larger enough to act as the N+1 Spare switch, as no phones will register it requires no licenses, if a switch in your infrastructure were to fail, it will come to life, but then start the 45 day count down to over license usage.  So Just make sure you fix the switch and migrate the uses within 45 days!

I have not been able to test the new Virtual features as we run a VMWARE ESXI 4.1 server. The only supported releases arte 5.0 and 5.1. I’m getting a new server shortly!

Also other new feature is MS Hyper-v is also support, but only for the HQ and DVS servers.

(P.S Window communicator users can now change their ring tone via the communicator!)


Read more here: ShoreTel’s Blog


UPDATE: Read more about communicator 14.2 issues here:

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    • Shaun on February 2, 2014 at 10:32 am

    Hi, Do the virtual appliances need any software licences?

      • on February 6, 2014 at 12:39 pm

      No software licence as such. They can be deployed free of charge. They have their own linux/VXWorks style operating system. you just pay a licence charge for what you use. So when you register a phone, then you will need one virtual phone compliance licence (as well as the standard extension and mailbox licence)

      The only exemption is the Service Appliance when used for instance messaging, which is free.

  1. Thanks for the tip about Communicator and ring tones!

      • on February 2, 2014 at 10:40 am

      No Problem, For the users which are lucky enough to have a colour screen you can also change your wall paper,

    • Andy on March 14, 2014 at 10:49 pm

    Give video calling a go, we’ve found it horrifically unreliable in 14.2, but it works fine with all our hardware (mostly Dell laptops) on 13.3

    1. I’ve not tried that yet. I will give it a go and let you know my findings. How is it unreliable? Does it drop during the call or does the video call not even set up. Also what windows are you using?

        • Andy on March 14, 2014 at 11:13 pm

        It’s windows 7, the preview doesn’t work often, normally just a black screen.
        Occasionally you get video in a call, mostly tho we just get what looks like one horizontal row of pixels, stretched vertically across the screen, or just a grey box where the video should be. This is despite the video debugging info saying that its all ok (in CTRL-F12) and the cameras working in every other application ok.

        1. Hi, I have gave this a go and can not replicate the issues. I was in the States last week and managed to speak to the ShoreTel product managers and they were not aware of this and also assured me that the codecs or video engine have not changed in any 13.x and 14.X release. Have you opened a case with ShoreTel TAC?

          I would see if you are running the latest build release (19.41.8601.0), if you are not, try downloading the latest communicator client from the and see if this fixes your problem.

            • Andy on March 25, 2014 at 6:04 pm

            Hi Peter, thanks for trying this. Yes, we have a call open with ShoreTel TAC but it’s been “with engineering” for a while now. We’re on build 19.41.5003.0 at the moment so I’ll talk to our partners to get an update. If we downgrade the client to 13.3 it works perfectly everywhere we’ve tried it.

            It does work on one or two of dell laptop models (latitudes), but more often than not you get one row of pixels stretched vertically across the screen, if you get anything at all. I’ve put an image here showing an example.

    2. Hi Andy, did you find a resolve for your video issues. If not please follow the conversation Mustafa and I had within the comments of this post, it may prove useful.

  2. Peter have you notice any issues with systems having BSOD after 14.2 client install?
    In our case it seems to be happening at night and not during the work day so far. Maybe some process the client runs nightly.

    1. Hi Gary, I have not noticed this issue. However I have heard/experience a few issues with the shoretel 14.2 client. we have had from our customers:
      -Error message on start up (typically when used as soft phone)
      -Client does not update in real time, so for example call history does not change unit the app is closed and re-opened
      -Client will not open unless opened with administrator rights
      -video calls work but video is out of focus

      and from Andy’s comment on this blog:
      -Video call does not work, Just distorted images

      ShoreTel knows of some of these problems with the communicator client and suggest not to install the latest release, instead they have details and a download link to another build version of the 14.2 client, which they suggest you use. Details can be found in the knowledge base article KB17472

      Also what operating system are you using? XP is no longer supported at 14.2 (it is at 14.1).

  3. Since there seems to be a few issues with the ShoreTel 14.2 client, i have created a new post with more details:

    • Saurabh Gupta on May 20, 2014 at 12:34 am

    Dear Peter

    What is the most current build and date of release of shoretel 14.2 software and do they support windows 2012 r2 version. Also i am not sure but do they do a appliance version of the shoreware director server yet ?

    We are looking ti implement shoretel for a non profit client of ours and looking at getting their sbe version but before we do that i want to test it out hence the questions for you.

    1. Hi Sauabh,

      The latest build of ShoreTel 14.2 for general download is 19.42.2005.0. There was a later version released what was build 19.42.2008.0, this is detailed in my blog entry about the Heartbleed bug. But since ShoreTel has refreshed their support website this KB Article and ftp details seem to be missing!

      ShoreTel 14.2 does support windows server 2012 r2. It can be put on a detected server, virtualised on either ESXI or Hyper V and it can be purchased as an appliance, witch is the SBE Version.

      I think for your project the SBE solution is a good why to go, ShoreTel pricing on the SBE solutions bundles (including the SG Switches) are very competitive.

      Hope this helps.

      for more information please check out:

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