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Update: there is an update to this post here. 

ShoreTel 15.0, When will it be released? Well technically it will not, the next ShoreTel version will be called ShoreTel Connect 1.0. ShoreTel are announcing this as their most import upgrade ever!  It is available from August. If you are an existing user, you will have to wait longer. Like ShoreTel’s typical deployment plan, you cannot upgrade to a point zero release, these are reserved for new installations. ShoreTel have started taking advanced orders on the new ShoreTel Connect platform.

So what can you expect to see from the new release?

3 Deployment Methods

–     On site

–     Cloud*

–     Hybrid*

*US only, if you are in the rest of the world, you will just have to wait a little while.

A Unified Platform (aka interface)

It does not matter whether you have a cloud or an on premise installation. The user interface, being web front end, Phones or desktop client (ShoreTel connect client) it is the same across all deployment methods.


The supported phones for the cloud are the IP4xx Phones, IP655, IP930D DECT phone and the Apple Dock (with Mobility). The on premise solution looks like it will support the existing phones.

There is a new button box, BB424. This is only supported by ShoreTel Connect, it will not work with ShoreTel 14.2. Each can supply up to 96 buttons across 3 pages. It will only connect to the 485g phones, and a phone can support up to 4 Boxes. The boxes have tri coloured LED button, Unites 2-4 will need an additional power supply and to connected to the phones via USB.

New Licences

There is quite a bit to this. This will probably be a blog entry in the future once I have researched it more.

 Update: here is that blog post. 

New Web Interface

Did you ever play with ShoreTel Director 2 which was hidden within your 14.2 installation? Well the new interface is pretty much that, with the look and feel of the Diagnostic and Monitoring platform.

New Remote Access – ShoreTel Edge Gateway (bye-bye ShoreTel VPN Concentrator)

The new Virtual edge gateway (only available as a virtual device at the moment) developed fully in-house by ShoreTel. Using RAST (Remote access secure Technology). Provides end to end encryption and is meant to provide better voice quality than VPN technologies. It will provide:

–     Remote access for 400 phones (I don’t think it needs to be a G phone)

–     Remote access for soft phones

–     HTTPs connect client access

New ShoreTel Linux DVS Server

No need for a Windows licence! Not sure how this will be deployed yet, possible an OVA VMware file? I think the HQ server will still need to be Windows 🙁

Replacement of the ShoreTel Communicator with ShoreTel Connect Client

New look and feel, lot more white space, less cluttered, looks like a more modern app. The ShoreTel Connect Client boast:

–     Same functionality across windows and mac

–     With WEBRTC, the web version has the same functionality.

New ShoreTel ST Switches

New switches are being introduced. They look very similar to the ShoreTel SG switches, but have some more capabilities. There is no need for resource calculations any more (hooray!). If a switch offers 50 phone and 4 FXO and 4 FXS port then the switch will do all of that at the same time, as well as offering the state number of conferencing users.

Within the new switch range, there is a new switch which will support 500 phones. Another which will support 2 T1/E1 spans (very useful for an ISDN connection and a QSIG connection)

The new ShoreTel ST switches offer a USB port, to make it easy to gather detail logs (or just to charge your mobile)

No VM support for the ST switch, but this is on the roadmap.

Theses ShoreTel ST switches can operate in parallel with the ShoreTel SG switches. If you require BRI connectivity, you will need to continue to use the ShoreTel SG BRI gateways.

As far as I can tell the new ST switches will require ShoreTel Connect.

New Mobility Client

Not sure what the new ShoreTel mobility Client will bring, probably a better interface. Maybe support for Windows phone/tablet?

SIP Trunking

As far as I can tell, nothing new here. InGate is still required.

Update: there is an update to this post here

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    • John on September 29, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    wow this is great info. thanks. I hope they can also fix or make it little bit easier to configure the custom dial plan.

    1. Hi, I have not heard anything thing about dial plans, but I am due to do the technical training soon, if a learn anything more, I will put it here.

    • Mustafa on September 29, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    Peter, I was told around February/March by our vendor of when we could upgrade to v15. They have stated that ShoreTel Connect is being sold to a very limited set of new customers but they are still mostly recommending 14.2. I guess i would rather wait the extra 6 months or so for ShoreTel to get 15 right.

    1. Hi Mustafa, those time scales sounds about right, ShoreTel Connect v1.0 (ShoreTel UC v15.0) has been release and available to new customers from September 28th. ShoreTel is keeping with the new version roll out scheme with the release of ShoreTel Connect. Meaning ShoreTel will only allow new customers to use X.0 versions. Existing customers will have to wait until X.1 version before they are allowed to upgrade.

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