ShoreTel Communicator 14.2 – Is it ready?

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After comments made on this blog and various comments from customers, there seems to be lots of issues with the ShoreTel Communicator 14.2. The issues I  have been made aware of are:

  • Error message on start-up (typically when used as soft phone)
  • Client does not update in real-time, so for example call history does not change unit the app is closed and re-opened
  • Client will not open unless opened with administrator rights
  • video calls work but video is out of focus
  • Video call does not work, Just distorted images
  • Blue screen of death since installation

ShoreTel are aware of some of these issues as they have this KB Article saying not to use the latest release (as of the time of writing this) and provides a link to a previous build of 14.2. This can be found here KB17472 We have had a customer run this version and is currently experiencing ‘Client will not open unless opened with administrator rights’.

I would suggest using the ShoreTel Communicator 14.1 client. The only new feature, is to allow the user to change their own wall paper and ring tone. (so no real loss!) There is a list of bug fixes which ShoreTel Communicator 14.2 fixes. This can be found here So if you need any of these fixes then i would suggest you stick with it, otherwise I would suggest giving version 14.1 ago. (I have been using it for months with no issues). This can be downloaded from here


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    • Andy on April 24, 2014 at 9:51 am
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    We’ve just had a reply back from ShoreTel about an issue we raised a couple of weeks ago. When transferring a call the only contacts you can lookup are those in your system directory. Not outlook contacts etc.

    Apparently this is “by design for 14.2 only contacts saved in the System Directory in Director show in this window”!?!

    Quite why they would remove this functionality is beyond me, it worked in 13.3, but given all the other issues I suspect they messed up and don’t want to fix it just yet! I’ll be enquiring as to when this functionality will be restored!

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for you comments. A new issues to add to the list! This does seem a strange feature to design in! Have you tried just staying on 13.3? The upgrade from 13.x to 14.x for the communicator, adds very little features, really just the ability to manage ringtones and wall papers. As mention in the post above there are a list of bug fixes which you need to take in consideration. You can download the ShoreTel communicator client 13.3 from here:

        • Andy on April 25, 2014 at 2:59 pm
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        Luckily only the receptionists have noticed so far, latest response from ShoreTel is that apparently…

        “Due to the changes in the way that 14.2 controls the contacts in Communicator, it will remain like that.”

        I wonder what else they will decide we don’t need to work in 14.3! I’m a big fan of the architecture of the shoretel solution (tho they need to integrate mobility and the SA a bit more) but they seem to have lost the plot in other respects!

    • Lauren on July 28, 2014 at 7:12 pm
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    Any ideas on fixes for 14.2? We currently have 14.1 and are having ghost ringing issues that they say is fixed by upgrading, but support shows we shouldn’t update due to bigger issues.

    1. Hi, What is ghost calling? I have not heard this term before! This post is about communicator not the server release. I would say ShoreTel 14.2 Is ready for enterprise release and it also has some huge new features. Check out my post here I would just leave the communicator software on the client machines at 14.1 after you upgrade as the communicator software has the issues.

      Hope this helps.

        • zane on September 6, 2014 at 9:49 pm
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        Hi Peter. We have just installed on a new Terminal server, and thought it could be user rights related. Do you have to re-configure the user login etc for communicator when you roll back versions?

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