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I have just installed ShoreTel Connect 1.0 (ShoreTel 15) on our demo kit.  This is a bit of a follow on from my post here. These are my initial thoughts on it so far.


ShoreTel has changed their licensing model and the client is no longer free to all users, unlike it is in ShoreTel 14.2. This is quite a bold move, in my opinion; this is what makes ShoreTel a great success in every install we have performed.

For more information on ShoreTel new Licence structure please see this post. It is unclear at the moment how the old license structure will map to the new license structure. It looks like the current personal communicator licensed users  (the free version) will lose their client at ShoreTel Connect, I have not tested yet if the personal (free) version of ShoreTel Communicator works with ShoreTel Connect v1.0

UPDATE: More information on the licensing and the Connect Client can be found on this post: ShoreTel Connect Client Licence


Director now has the look and feel of diagnostic and monitoring from ShoreTel 14.2, however most options are in the same place, so finding your way around it not to hard. It has a new search feature, making it very easy to find parameters.

ShoreTel Connect Client

For the users the biggest change is the ShoreTel Connect Client 1.0 (ShoreTel Communicator 15). The client is clean, simple and very easy to use, I would be happy to let my mother loose on it, without prior training! It seems to have all the features of ShoreTel Communicator but in a much more airy interface.  The client does have an optional custom bookmark button bar along the left hand side. In my opinion, what a mess, it’s appearance lets down the whole client. Hence why the screen shots I have taken do not have it open.  The interface is the same across Mac, Windows and web. All in all I think this will improve the user’s experience.

Linux DVS

There is now Virtual DVS server. This is a virtual only device, it does what a windows DVS server does, in the way of voicemail and resilience. It does not allow you to run contact center on it, or any 3rd party apps like Oaisys call recording. The DVS licences is the same for Windows or Linux, but Linux does need an additional operating system licence and is fully managed within director.

Edge Server

Everything I said on my last post on this still stands. There were many rumours that the mobility server would bring remote access for desk phones. Well when you see the interface of this, you will see it started life as a mobility server. Buying Agito networks seems to be still paying off!

New Mobility Client. 

I have not seen a new client yet. The latest one on the Apple App store was from October last year.  My last prediction was it will support windows phone, But this is looking unlikely. According to Gartner, windows now only has a 1.7% of the mobile phone market, Would seem silly for ShoreTel to invest in that!

Screen Shots

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the comments below.

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