ShoreTel Mobility 9?

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This morning I was checking the available app updates on my iPhone when I saw that there was one for Mobility. (I have also checked google play and it is also there.) The new release is version 9. The update notes says:

  • Integration with the latest version of the ShoeTel Mobility router
  • Bug fixes and improved crash logging
  • UI Tweaks / Optimisation to improve user experience.

The first point is very interesting, as the new version of the App is version 9 and it is to integrate with the latest version of the router, I think there is a new version of Mobility Router around the corner! So what will it include? Here are my thoughts / wish list for the new version:

  • There has been rumours that the IP4XX series phones will use mobility router as a type of VPN concentrator.
  • Support Windows 8.1 bring Mobility to phone and tablets (with video support).
  • Tighter integration with ShoreTel so you can do it all with one extension number.
  • A long shot – Maybe video conferencing? (with a SA device)
  • Some type of integration with ShoreTel Sky, maybe hosted mobility for on premise PBXs.

As for the UI tweaks, It looks like they have modified the IM Buddies page, except from that, I have noticed much.

Any comments or suggestion what else could be included in ShoreTel Mobility 9, please use the comments below.


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