ShoreTel Mobility with VCX

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Since the new ShoreTel support website, some content has disappeared. I have noticed that one piece of content gone missing is an App note I helped write on integrating ShoreTel Mobility with VCX. Below is the main nuts and bolts of the app note, the bit I have written, I have not copied in the rest as I didn’t write it and not aware of the copy right implications.

Below is the network diagram of what we are achieving with this app note.



This was achieved with the following software version

  • HP VCX Version : 9.0  (Will work on any of the 9.x, and probably anything above version 7)
  • ShoreTel Mobility : 5  (Should work on 6 and 7, but this I have not checked this)
  • VCX Audio codes ISDN gateway – 5 (I have also tested using an Ingate SBC and gamma sip trunks with no issue)

Even though this is quite old releases on the ShoreTel side, not much has changed on the setup of these servers, newer release have mainly added new functions not changed the way the basic configuration works, so this guide should be ok for current releases (as of 22/7/2014).

If the below embedded pdf does not work then you can download it from here: ShoreTel mobility with VCX

Click to access ShoreTel-mobility-with-VCX.pdf

Any questions please use the comments field below.

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