ShoreTel SG switches : factory reset

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This bit of information was given to me a little while ago, and since then it has been extremely helpful a couple of time. This should work with any SG switch, (not sure about V switches as I have not tried it before).

To factory reset a ShoreTel Switch:

  • connect to the switch via a Serial connection, (baud rate 19200)
  • Reboot switch
  • take the option to stop auto boot and then type:

> bootc static flash vxworks

> saveenv

> reset

The switch will now reboot and start-up as if it was a brand new switch! Any questions please use the comments field below.




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    • Tom on August 4, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    I am experiencing a somewhat similar problem with my SG90v

    I attempt to connect to it via the maintenance port in the front however when I get the option to press any key to bypass autoboot any key I press does nothing and the switch continues to reboot. This is a SG90V switch. The switch does not ping even though it has correct IP information. Switch appears to be in a boot loop and I can’t get to the command prompt and bypass the autoboot, any suggestions?

    We only have one Lan port hooked up. I attempted removing both cables and still can’t “press any key” to bypass autoboot.

    When plugged into the maintenance port I noted the following:

    Failed: open /nand0/flash0/fsck0.txt
    Failed: open /nand0/flash2/fsck2.txt
    Failed: open /nand0/flash0/vxworks
    Failed: open /nand0/flash0.old/fsck0.txt
    Failed: open /nand0/flash2.old/fsck2.txt
    Failed: open /nand0/flash0.old/vxworks

    1. V switches work differently to the standard SG switches. I will have a play and get back to you soon.

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