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Mar 17

Mobile UC: How does ShoreTel’s Mobile UC offering Measure up?

ShoreTel Dock

After watching a summit session at EC2015 called “What Do Enterprises Want in Mobile UC?” I thought I would see how ShoreTel measures up to the list. So the main points from the session were: Do you need a suite of app and interfaces to achieve UC, or can you do it from a single place? …

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Mar 16

SIP Trunking checklist

I’m at Enterprise Connect 2015 this week in Orlando. My first session was called “Become a SIP savvy Enterprise”  by Graham Francis. He talked about what is SIP, why you would use it and the journey your company will need to take to implement it. What I got from this session is a SIP Trunking checklist of …

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Jan 25

Sip Trunking 101 – The What and How of SIP Trunking

This blog post is an introduction to SIP Trunking and it will hopefully cover most of the questions that a person/company has when starting their SIP Trunking journey. We have started seeing an increase in SIP Trunking interest and implementations. I think this interest has increased recently as SIP Trunking now has the reputation of …

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Mar 18

First day at enterprise connect.

First day at enterprise connect is over. I only got to attend the expedition hall but here are my initial thoughts. The expo hall is much larger than previous years and much more companies getting involved. Also companies you would not expect to see. For example Griffin the phone/tablet accessory company. The size of the …

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Feb 06

Travel Plans for Spring break (Enterprise Connect)

This is not a technical post at all, but not many people from the UK get to see spring break (well drive past it), so I thought I will blog about it! Earlier this week I have had confirmation that I am attending Enterprise Connect in Orlando in the middle of march, so my boss, …

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Feb 04

Enterprise Connect 2014

  This is a quick entry, as I have just had confirmation from work that I get to attend Enterprise connect 2014 😀 (Just an Expo pass 🙁 ).  This will be my 5th one in a row! It is running from the 17th of March to the 20th in Orlando. Really looking forward to it. ShoreTel …

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Jan 10

Is your Broadband ready for enterprise VoIP at home?

With more and more people working from home, is your home internet connection ready for enterprise VoIP at home? We have recently rolled out a lot of home workers, some have had no problems while others have experienced VoIP call quality issues. This article will look at what are the factors which can cause this, what …

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Dec 17

ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime 8.5. Not 9!

We have recently upgraded to IBM SameTime 9, in turn this has stopped ShoreTel communicator for SameTime from working. As far as we can tell this is due to ST9 no longer using the policy.nsf file, which happens to be a file which the  ShoreTel integration relies on . We have not yet found a …

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