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Mar 29

VCX Software and upgrade Files

At the start of this year HP stop VCX Support and with it took down the FTP site with all the VCX software and upgrade files. Lucky enough I had an off line copy of this for when I am out in the field, If you need any thing please contact me and I will …

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Mar 25

HP (3Com) VCX Customer Roadmap: 1. HP’s Latest Position

Guest blog by John Taylor This is the first in a series of posts setting out a roadmap for HP (3Com) VCX IP Telephony customers as the system approaches End of Life. This first post covers the official HP position. Future posts will address Action now – HP Support and software upgrades for VCX Exploiting …

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Nov 18

(3Com) HP VCX Crashed – No calls but server still running –VCX Oracle issue

The symptoms of the VCX Oracle issue. For the past couple of years has your VCX been crashing about every 6-9 months. This is more than likely due to a bug within Oracle. Oracle ends up taking all of the resources not allowing any for the other VCX processes. (mainly the call processor). Once this hits …

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Mar 28

HP MSM720: Change APs from DHCP to Static IP addresses

Recently I had a customer ask me how to change their HP wireless APs which are managed by a HP MSM720 wireless controller, from DHCP addresses to Static AP addresses. This operation is configured from the controller and not the AP itself. It will require a restart of the APs. I have not needed to do …

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Sep 13

3Com 5500 switches modifying the built in Quality of Service (QoS)

I have just installed a new ShoreTel System into a customer which use the 3Com (HP) 5500 switches through out their company. They are very good switches with quite advanced Class of Service (CoS) and Quality of Service (QoS) features. These instructions we provide you with the commands needed to add your manufacture phone to …

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