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ShoreTel Connect Client Licence

The main questions from most people I have spoken to about the new ShoreTel Connect licence bundles are, do I get to keep the free client, will it still be free and do I need a new ShoreTel Connect Client Licence? (There is no such thing as “ShoreTel Connect Client Licence” I am using this phase to represent …

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ShoreTel Connect Licences

I have mentioned in a few of previous posts about the new ShoreTel Connect Licences. This is a very quick post to provide you with some information. Before looking at the new ShoreTel Connect Licences, I will recap the current ShoreTel 14.2 Licence structure. ShoreTel 14.2 Licences At ShoreTel 14.2 and before, you first picked what type of extension license …

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ShoreTel Connect update

I have just installed ShoreTel Connect 1.0 (ShoreTel 15) on our demo kit.  This is a bit of a follow on from my post here. These are my initial thoughts on it so far. Licences  ShoreTel has changed their licensing model and the client is no longer free to all users, unlike it is in …

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Future of ISDN (It’s looking a lot like SIP!)

SIP Trunking (Simple)

Every wondered what the future of ISDN holds? This might sound surprising, but ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) will be gone within the next 10 years! (well, at least in the UK). BT (the UK’s main telecoms provider) has announced that the traditional network (ISDN) will become obsolete by 2025 (details can be found here: https://event.webcasts.com/viewer/event.jsp?ei=1051301, the important …

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ShoreTel 15, When will it be released? – (ShoreTel Connect)

Update: there is an update to this post here.  ShoreTel 15.0, When will it be released? Well technically it will not, the next ShoreTel version will be called ShoreTel Connect 1.0. ShoreTel are announcing this as their most import upgrade ever!  It is available from August. If you are an existing user, you will have to wait …

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