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ShoreTel backups – scheduled

Shoretel provides a nice and simple script which can back up all the data you need and also managed how many backups it will keep, doing the house keeping for you. We have found most people do not backup their ShoreTel servers. I assume this is because people don’t have time, or just forget. When …

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ShoreTel Mute codes

Below are the main ShoreTel mute codes which allows you to do certain functions on the phone, for instance display the current config or ping another network device. To use these codes you need to make sure the handset is down and press mute followed by a set of numbers which spells out the function …

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ShoreTel Mobility Client Installation and Setup

For android open up a browser on your phone (while in the internal network) and go to http://<internal IP of ShoreTel Mobility router>/d For iPhone, use the app store and search for ShoreTel and download the shoreTel Roam Anywhere client. It will ask you for the following details:

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