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SIP Trunking, is a Session Border Controller (SBC) needed?

SIP NAT with a Session border Controller

Before I can answer that, I should probably explain what a Session Border Controller (SBC) is and what it brings to the party when deploying SIP Trunking. An SBC can be either a physical or virtual device which sits between your network and the Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP).  It is basically the point of demarcation between your phone system …

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SIP Trunking checklist

I’m at Enterprise Connect 2015 this week in Orlando. My first session was called “Become a SIP savvy Enterprise”  by Graham Francis. He talked about what is SIP, why you would use it and the journey your company will need to take to implement it. What I got from this session is a SIP Trunking checklist of …

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Sip Trunking 101 – The What and How of SIP Trunking

This blog post is an introduction to SIP Trunking and it will hopefully cover most of the questions that a person/company has when starting their SIP Trunking journey. We have started seeing an increase in SIP Trunking interest and implementations. I think this interest has increased recently as SIP Trunking now has the reputation of …

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Enterprise Connect 2014

  This is a quick entry, as I have just had confirmation from work that I get to attend Enterprise connect 2014 😀 (Just an Expo pass 🙁 ).  This will be my 5th one in a row! It is running from the 17th of March to the 20th in Orlando. Really looking forward to it. ShoreTel …

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