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Nov 18

(3Com) HP VCX Crashed – No calls but server still running –VCX Oracle issue

The symptoms of the VCX Oracle issue. For the past couple of years has your VCX been crashing about every 6-9 months. This is more than likely due to a bug within Oracle. Oracle ends up taking all of the resources not allowing any for the other VCX processes. (mainly the call processor). Once this hits …

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Aug 11

ShoreTel Mobility 8

ShoreTel Mobility 8 will be released on Tuesday, for Resellers or enterprise support customers. The Server downloads are ready now, but the clients will not make their way to the app stores until Tuesday. The upgrade contains these main features: Virtualised ShoreTel Mobility Mobile Video Calls Control your Mobile from Communicator on your computer.   …

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May 12

Is ShoreTel affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability – Yes

Is ShoreTel affected by the Heartbleed bug, Yes, ShoreTel release 14.x and all version of the Concentrator are affected, ShoreTel’s words: VPN Concentrator All platforms of the VPN Concentrator are impacted by this Heartbleed bug.  ShoreTel HQ and DVS Server 14, 14.1 and 14.2 Software Builds Nginx is a binary used in the ShoreTel code …

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Apr 16

ShoreTel Communicator 14.2 – Is it ready?

After comments made on this blog and various comments from customers, there seems to be lots of issues with the ShoreTel Communicator 14.2. The issues I  have been made aware of are: Error message on start-up (typically when used as soft phone) Client does not update in real-time, so for example call history does not …

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Feb 20

ShoreTel Dock firmware upgrade

The other day I turned on my work phone (ShoreTel Dock) and was presented with an new ShoreTel Dock firmware version, This is the first time this has happened after the initial setup. I have not upgraded the phone client or server version, so the phone must be checking shoretel.com for updates. After a quick google …

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Jan 31

ShoreTel 14.2

Shoretel 14.2 was released yesterday. I have managed to get it installed yesterday evening to take advantage of the new features (which I was unable to, I’ll explain later).  I was also able to attend the 14.2 webinar explaining the new features. 14.2 is not just a bug release from 14.1. It has some major …

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Dec 17

ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime 8.5. Not 9!

We have recently upgraded to IBM SameTime 9, in turn this has stopped ShoreTel communicator for SameTime from working. As far as we can tell this is due to ST9 no longer using the policy.nsf file, which happens to be a file which the  ShoreTel integration relies on . We have not yet found a …

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