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VCX Software and upgrade Files

At the start of this year HP stop VCX Support and with it took down the FTP site with all the VCX software and upgrade files. Lucky enough I had an off line copy of this for when I am out in the field, If you need any thing please contact me and I will …

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HP (3Com) VCX Customer Roadmap: 1. HP’s Latest Position

Guest blog by John Taylor This is the first in a series of posts setting out a roadmap for HP (3Com) VCX IP Telephony customers as the system approaches End of Life. This first post covers the official HP position. Future posts will address Action now – HP Support and software upgrades for VCX Exploiting …

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(3Com) HP VCX Crashed – No calls but server still running –VCX Oracle issue

The symptoms of the VCX Oracle issue. For the past couple of years has your VCX been crashing about every 6-9 months. This is more than likely due to a bug within Oracle. Oracle ends up taking all of the resources not allowing any for the other VCX processes. (mainly the call processor). Once this hits …

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ShoreTel Mobility with VCX

Since the new ShoreTel support website, some content has disappeared. I have noticed that one piece of content gone missing is an App note I helped write on integrating ShoreTel Mobility with VCX. Below is the main nuts and bolts of the app note, the bit I have written, I have not copied in the rest …

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Good Bye HP VCX Phones … Hello Polycom

With the announcement that Hp are withdrawing their VCX phone form the end of the year we have had to start looking at alternatives.  The announcement says the phones will be at end of life on the last day of this year, but the fact is we haven’t found stock for the last few weeks. After some …

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Remote phones without expensive, complex or closed VPN solutions

Do you have a remote user or office? Need to give them a phone on your IP PBX? Lots of phone solutions offer a VPN type solution but normally costs a lot of money and also can only be used for the phones not the computer. Recently I was faced this this problem and needed …

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VCX Feature Codes cheat sheet

There are a whole range of features which can be access via the VCX handset by using features codes. Please see this link to download a VCX Feature Codes cheat sheet. VCX_Feature_Code_Cheat_Sheet    

VCX – Adding speed dials with names

As an Administrator Browse to the VCX using a web browser and Click “Central Management Console” On the next page log on as administration and then from the left hand side click Users > Phones Find the phone you need to add speed dials and click the “Features” link On the next page click “Edit …

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VCX IPM Voicemail server synchronisation

Have you ever experianced MWI come one for no reason (the red light telling you you have VM) or the phone display telling you you have VM when you don’t. Chances are the IPM servers are out of sync. to test this, SSH on to your VCX as the app user

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VCX Administration via LDAP

Adding a user to VCX To add a user simply add the user  to your Ldap directory making sure that the office phone number is filled in with the  extension umber. If the extension is already in user by another user you will have to remove that user first before adding the new user. (see”Removing …

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