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Mar 25

HP (3Com) VCX Customer Roadmap: 1. HP’s Latest Position

Guest blog by John Taylor This is the first in a series of posts setting out a roadmap for HP (3Com) VCX IP Telephony customers as the system approaches End of Life. This first post covers the official HP position. Future posts will address Action now – HP Support and software upgrades for VCX Exploiting …

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Mar 17

Mobile UC: How does ShoreTel’s Mobile UC offering Measure up?

ShoreTel Dock

After watching a summit session at EC2015 called “What Do Enterprises Want in Mobile UC?” I thought I would see how ShoreTel measures up to the list. So the main points from the session were: Do you need a suite of app and interfaces to achieve UC, or can you do it from a single place? …

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Mar 16

SIP Trunking checklist

I’m at Enterprise Connect 2015 this week in Orlando. My first session was called “Become a SIP savvy Enterprise”  by Graham Francis. He talked about what is SIP, why you would use it and the journey your company will need to take to implement it. What I got from this session is a SIP Trunking checklist of …

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Jan 25

Sip Trunking 101 – The What and How of SIP Trunking

This blog post is an introduction to SIP Trunking and it will hopefully cover most of the questions that a person/company has when starting their SIP Trunking journey. We have started seeing an increase in SIP Trunking interest and implementations. I think this interest has increased recently as SIP Trunking now has the reputation of …

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Jan 24

ShoreTel Mobility 9?

This morning I was checking the available app updates on my iPhone when I saw that there was one for Mobility. (I have also checked google play and it is also there.) The new release is version 9. The update notes says: Integration with the latest version of the ShoeTel Mobility router Bug fixes and …

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Dec 21

ShoreTel SG switches : factory reset

This bit of information was given to me a little while ago, and since then it has been extremely helpful a couple of time. This should work with any SG switch, (not sure about V switches as I have not tried it before). To factory reset a ShoreTel Switch: connect to the switch via a Serial connection, …

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Dec 13

Securing ShoreTel

Ever had your VoIP system hacked? If not your lucky, If you have then you know how expensive it can be. Either way, there is no reason to risk it. Here is my guide (based on T recommendations) to securing ShoreTel. A lot of these principles can be used on most PBXs,  Adding security via the …

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Aug 11

ShoreTel 14.3 or ShoreTel 15

EDIT 30 July 2015: Check out my latest post on this subject here The other day I was at an event with a ShoreTel distributor and we have a debate what is next ShoreTel 14.3 or ShoreTel 15. No one really won, but some interesting points came out.  Then being on my blog earlier today …

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May 12

Is ShoreTel affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability – Yes

Is ShoreTel affected by the Heartbleed bug, Yes, ShoreTel release 14.x and all version of the Concentrator are affected, ShoreTel’s words: VPN Concentrator All platforms of the VPN Concentrator are impacted by this Heartbleed bug.  ShoreTel HQ and DVS Server 14, 14.1 and 14.2 Software Builds Nginx is a binary used in the ShoreTel code …

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Apr 08

ShoreTel 14.2: Supported client Operating Systems. Goodbye XP!

As mentioned in my last post, we have started rolling out ShoreTel14.2 to our customers, One of the biggest things to note on the Client OS list is the lack of Windows XP, this was present in 14.1. The following list contains all of the ShoreTel 14.2: Supported client Operating Systems  

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