Travel Plans for Spring break (Enterprise Connect)

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This is not a technical post at all, but not many people from the UK get to see spring break (well drive past it), so I thought I will blog about it!

Earlier this week I have had confirmation that I am attending Enterprise Connect in Orlando in the middle of march, so my boss, John has been looking into travel arrangements. Due to how KLM/Airfrance/Delta price their flight, it is surprisingly much cheaper to fly over a Saturday night than not too. So we always get a few extra days away! J  (With this knowledge there is some cleaver tricks to get amazing cheap holidays in the States if your company is sending your to either Paris or Amsterdam on work, use the comments if you want to find out more.)

This Year John has worked out that it is cheaper for us to fly to Miami than direct to Orland and use a rental car to drive the rest of the way. This gives us a night in Miami Beach, so my first thought was spring break!! After a quick Google, to my disappointment we will be to early. It looks like it starts the 21st of March; we will be there about the 18th.

The good news is on the way back to Miami airport at the end of the week we will get to drive past spring break, So at least i will get to see it, I just hope it is as crazy as the movies show.  Probably won’t get to enjoy it as we will not have time to stop. (I will try talking john into leaving early to so we can squeeze a drink in before the airport!)

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