Upgrading from ShoreTel 13 to ShoreTel 14.2 Whats new?

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We have just started our round of customer upgrades to ShoreTel 14.2. Instead of repeating myself several times, I though I will compile a list of all the new features in ShoreTel 14.2 they will get to enjoy,

So here it is: 


  • Windows Server 2012
    • Support Windows Server 2012, Standard and Datacenter.
  • Communicator for Windows on Windows Server 2012 Terminal Server
    • ShoreTel supports ShoreTel Communicator for Windows on Windows Server 2012 Terminal Server
  • Diagnostics and Monitoring
    • The Diagnostics & Monitoring system provides detailed status information about the components in your ShoreTel system.
    • The Diagnostics & Monitoring system also provides a system dashboard, a topology map, alerts, call quality information, and remote packet capture functionality.
    • In ShoreTel 14, you can use the Diagnostics and Monitoring system to reboot phones.
    • The Diagnostics and Monitoring system has the following requirements:
      • The Diagnostics and Monitoring web application runs on Internet Explorer 10.0 or 11.0 and Mozilla Firefox 17.0 or higher.
      • If you use Internet Explorer with an enhanced security configuration, to access the Diagnostics and Monitoring system on the Headquarters server ensure that the IP address of the Headquarters server is included in Internet Explorer’s “Trusted sites” list.
      • To use the Topology feature, you must have Adobe Flash Player 11.5, or higher.
      • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled.
      • Minimum supported screen resolution is 1280 x 720.
      • To collect call quality data, switches need active connections to phones and the call duration must be at least 30 seconds.
      • ShoreTel recommends that you have at least 2 GB of physical memory.
      • The Monitoring Service requires that the local time zone of the computer on which the Headquarters server is running be the same as the local time zone specified for the Headquarters site in ShoreTel Director.
  • ShoreTel Dect Phone
    • ShoreTel has released a Cordless Dect phone
  • Shoretel Communicator Enhancements
    • Users can change ringtones and wall papers of supported phone
  • Virtual Switches and Virtual Service Appliance
    • ShoreTel 14.2 provides support for the following virtual devices:
      • Virtual Trunk Switch
      • Virtual Phone Switch
      • Virtual Service Appliance
    • To support the virtual switches, ShoreTel also provides two new keyed license types:
      • ShoreTel Virtual Switch SIP Trunk License
      • ShoreTel Virtual Switch Phone License
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • ShoreTel supports the deployment of ShoreTel servers in Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines running on the Hyper-V 3.0 platform.


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