HP (3Com) VCX IP Phone System Health Check


This service is for a remote health check of your HP (formerly 3Com) VCX IP Phone System. Following completion of the health check, you will receive a comprehensive report showing the following information:

VCX Checks

  • Release levels and optionsimage
  • Available patches
  • Licence usage report
  • VCX Oracle Replication check *
  • VCX IP Messaging Synchronisation check*
  • VCX Service Check
  • RAID Status Check
  • VCX Alerts

Linux Checks (Your VCX Phone system runs on a Linux server)

  • CPU Check
  • Network Check
  • Disk Status
  • Core file Checks
  • Time Checks


  • VCX Configuration Backup **
  • VCX IP Messaging Backup **
  • Gateway and other device Backups

Vendor Maintenance Review

  • Check current HP support coverage ***


We will provide you with our recommendations and future considerations.

Service Delivery

The health check will be performed remotely. This can be achieved by either providing us with VPN details or we can use our remote desktop tool to access your system with your permission.You will need to provide us with the following information:

  • VCX passwords (if they are not the default passwords)
  • VCX IP address
  • HP Maintenance Contract
    • This is optional if you want the health check report to include the Vendor maintenance report. If you do not have maintenance, we can provide you with a quotation.

If you provide us with remote access we may need to install some small applications/tools on the remote desktop to allow us to access the server. These tools will be WinSCPPutty and the HP VCX Administration Assistant, which you can retain following our healthcheck if you wish – HP describe this software as follows:

“This is a comprehensive Troubleshooting Assistant GUI specifically designed for HP’s VCX IP Telephony Phone System family of products. Includes menu-driven Administrative Serviceability tasks, Level 2 and Level 3 Technical Support diagnostic and troubleshooting functions. Several years mature, this application is currently being used world-wide by End Users, System Admins, technical support, and R&D staff as a great freeware companion to the VCX Product Line for testing and troubleshooting.

Once the remote VCX health check is complete, you will receive a report via email within one week of the health check.

This service is for a health check for a stand-alone VCX IP Phone system or primary with secondary server installation. If you have branch servers, please contact us for a customised quotation.

* For primary with secondary VCX installations only

** Optional as it requires about 5 mins down time

*** Optional, you will need to provide us with your HP maintenance contract and we will check the cover you have matches your needs to ensure you are not paying too much or have insufficient cover.


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