VCX IPM Voicemail server synchronisation

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Have you ever experianced MWI come one for no reason (the red light telling you you have VM) or the phone display telling you you have VM when you don’t. Chances are the IPM servers are out of sync. to test this, SSH on to your VCX as the app user

Now run these command:

cd /usr/app/gen


A sample output is:

finding speak.vox msg doc and pg files on iptpri
finding speak.vox msg doc and pg files on iptsec
Sorting iptsec find output
Sorting iptpri find output
Producing diffmsg.out
files to copy  :6
files to remove: 5

If the number are high (above 50 on a small system above a few hundred on a large system) then they need to be manually synchronised. If you are unsure if this is needed then leave it for a overnight and the next days if the numbers are the same or larger then it will need to be done.

This can be done within hours and is done by simply running the following commands as the app user:

cd /usr/app/gen




cd /usr/app/app.dir


 Then on the secondary run the same commands as above as the app user, and then your done!

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